The future of E-commerce trends in 2021

eCommerce development company

eCommerce development company

E-commerce trends in 2021

E-commerce is highly anticipated as a tenacity that would stay strong, alive and thriving, given the present circumstances. It is a spurt of business acumen and industry-specific expertise. This new wave has the conceivable prowess to shape the future of the world of commerce as you know it today. Industry leaders, veterans and seasoned pros pin high hopes on the future of the e-commerce industry as a whole.


As the reports present, the growth of this industry has been phenomenal. It started with a curve of 1.3 trillion a few years back. However, as we stand in the year 2021, the across-the-board value of the industry comes close to 4.9 trillion. The growth rate would be more than 16%, given the numbers.


After mulling over the statistics, let’s focus on the futuristic trends which make e-commerce a big hit.


Augmented Reality


AR or augmented reality is supposed to be on the upward trail. It can also be ascribed as the capacity to visualize a product before you start using it practically. As time goes on, huge congregations of business fraternities are tilting towards the apt implementation of this technology.  Retailers of this era seem to be too keen on the proper use of this advanced technology. Buyers are interested in the technology because it helps them test a product virtually. Thus, they can figure out how a particular product will be when it is used in real-time.


Drop shipping

It is an unprecedented feature and a top draw with the e-commerce portals.  As part of this trend, an inquisitive consumer is going to place an order on an online portal, and the drop shipper will deliver the items to the consumer after having received the item or items from a reliable drop shipping supplier. With the practice of e-commerce looming large, drop shipping is indeed profitable and it promises to offer great ROI.



Big data analysis

Big data is indeed a quintessential factor that is making a big-time impact on this industry in 2021. Adorned with a diverse range of effective databases, the entire global marketplace is supposed to gain huge and attractive benefits. Be it decision making, supply chain management, performance enhancement or gaining a competitive advantage; big data is going to take good care of everything.



The power of personalization


The great facility of personalization is adding momentum in the e-commerce industry. It is deemed as a revenue-generating factor. Thus, it has been slated as a crucial aspect that trims the bounce rates to a great extent. You can reap the real advantage out of practice, with the help of ecommerce development company in Kolkata.




The final verdict


These trends will ensure the flourish of various industry verticals. If you want to bask in the glory, you need to get the expertise of ecommerce web design Kolkata by your side. Let us know what you think of the proposition of e-commerce development in your line of business. Please share your comments and feedback.



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