10 Ways to Improve Your Website Design

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A cohesive as well as interactive design in your web interface is the ultimate thing which you need with a view to drawing traffic and coaxing them to take the desirable action in your favor. No denying that it is a tough job. However, you can pull it off successfully, provided you have the right website designing company by your side.

website design Kolkata

Here, we will make an effort to clarify 10 points which would help you bring in an overhaul in the very look of your website.


Focus on exclusive industry study


Before you make a nosedive into getting your website designed, you should understand the demographics you want to target and the brand position of your business in the psyche of the target audience .


Initiative with a steady and productive design plan



This is indeed a vital chore. The design which you should come up with, needs to be in tandem with the psychographic and purchase behavior (buyer persona) of your target audience.



You should use simple navigation


Don’t overdo the design part. You should better keep it as simple as possible. Nine times out of ten, it’s the simple design which will click. Thus, it’s essential to keep the fundamental elements simple to the core.



Engage visitors with standout call to action


While dishing out the creative aspects of your webpages, you must not take your glance off standout call to actions because they are the key elements which will guide the visitors as to the action steps they should initiate.



Sufficient infographics / images


Why does your website need infographics and images? It’s because through these properties you can showcase vital data as well as irresistible offers in an attention-grabbing manner. You can get a website designer in Kolkata to help your potential web visitors uncover the true story behind your brand.


Keep the designs updated



You need to review, check and analyze the design of your web interface off and on. Thorough evaluation is a must because it will give you the insight as to when, why as well as how you should get your site updated. A thorough A/B Testing by a renowned web development company in Kolkata would be of great assistance in this connection.


Keep the site mobile responsive


Nowadays, nine out of ten would like to use internet through a handheld or a smartphone. So, you need to keep this crucial point in mind when you design your website. You’ll do better if you choose to drape up your web interface as a mobile responsive one.


Streamline five design elements


As you propose to spearhead the designing or redesigning of your website, these are the five most essential elements which you should pay heed to:


– Aesthetics,

– Content,

– Usability,

– Visibility

– Attraction.


Don’t indulge in cluttered or content-heavy spaces



If your website tends to flaunt image galleries, articles, video tutorials, polls, and other stuff, then it’s obvious that it is going to be content-heavy. Such websites are going to need mire attention and time.so that heavy content does not affect the speed of your web pages.


Use revolving carousels


Revolving carousels will create a superb curb appeal. It is an excellent feature which is going to get your target audience hooked with the website. Automatic rotation, as a feature, can prove to be a lead-generating factor for your website.




These 10 tricks can.be instrumental for your website to untangle the initial. Hiccups and help people get the real vibes which you want to send across through the interface. The suggested design implementations will help your business establish credibility and start making impressions which count. Thus, take efficient care of the design elements and make sure you get things done under the scrutinizing gaze of a seasoned website designer in kolkata.


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